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Charm Club Collection Shockheaded Peter „Struwwelpeter“ (5)



Frankfurter Charm Club Collection Shockheaded Peter „Struwwelpeter“ (4 items) | – Special Edition 5 –

Charm pendant Bembel „Frankfurt jug“ with lobster clasp.
Now we offer our Frankfurt Charm Club Collection with 4 silver plated Frankfurt Charms available as a set for a reduced price.
You can chose from different options.
In total we have 5 special editions. Edition 5 is based on our blue Bembel (Cider Jar), red Heart, silver plated Römer „Frankfurt City Hall“ and colored Shockheaded Peter „Struwwelpeter“.

– silver plated

– multi color, blue and red color

Size: approx. 2,6 cm

Refreshing German tradition that is all about apples and bembel (the original jar for the Applewine).

The residents of Frankfurt enjoy a cool or hot (in Winter – like Gluewein) glass of apple cider (Appelwine) from their cider jugs (called Geripptes). If you don’t know Frankfurt Applewine yet, you need to try soon!

There are many different kinds to chose from. – Best you start with apple cider from „Kelterei Stier„. Recommended by Bembeltown Design.

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